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This cannot be stressed enough….when you have a (life threatening) pet emergency:
PLEASE-MAKE SURE YOU CALL THE FACILITY YOU ARE GOING TO…either before, or, if able, as you are headed over. Do not waste one minute of precious time driving to a hospital, where there may, or may not, be a vet available to immediately treat your pet. Also, a head’s up to the vet regarding what the emergency is, will allow them to prepare ahead of time and render the best care, in the fastest time possible.
We realize that in an emergency, it is difficult to keep a cool head and think about this type of thing, but it may make the difference between saving your pet, or not.
Quick tips:
**Keep your regular vet’s and the nearest 24 hour emergency facility’s phone number on your refrigerator at home and in your wallet or store them in your phone.
**Learn where the nearest 24 hour emergency facility is located BEFORE you need them. (We have California Veterinary Specialists in Murrieta open 24/7 as well as The Emergency Pet Clinic in Temecula which is open nights and weekends)
**Whenever possible, have someone go with you to the vet during an emergency. They can be on the phone calling ahead, or driving for you while you call.

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The staff and veterinarians Mountainview are AMAZING! The doctors take the time to get to know your pet before starting to examine them so that they stay as comfortable as possible.We've been taking our two dogs here (20 lbs and 100 lbs) for about two years and are continually impressed with the quality of care they receive. When we brought our older dog in with concerns that she was losing quality of life, they gave her a full checkup and said she was doing good, just needed a little help with some arthritis. A couple medications later, she's back active as a puppy. I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a vet!