We are proud to offer Cryosurgery, an alternative to traditional surgery for our patients—an excellent option for our geriatric, cardiac and other medically compromised patients that are not good candidates for anesthesia.

Cryosurgery uses pressurized nitrous oxide to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue or growths; and with the unit’s pinpoint precision accuracy, it prevents collateral damage to the nearby healthy tissue -- and since we are not surgically excising out the tissue, there will be no need for sutures!

Taking just a few minutes during your pet’s regular office visit, the nitrous oxide can be painlessly applied onto the area which will subsequently cause the tissue to freeze and eventually slough off. Most pets will tolerate the treatment without any chemical restraint; but some, depending on the location and size of the area to be treated, may require sedation during the procedure.

Some areas may need a second treatment and it can take a few weeks for the tissue to completely fall off, but there is little home care afterward other than making sure the patient doesn’t scratch or chew the area.

Since not all skin disorders are suitable for Cryosurgery, your veterinarian can let you know during your pet’s visit if Cryosurgery is a good option for your pet’s condition.

Small tumors, cysts, and skin tags are just a few examples of conditions where Cryosurgery would be an excellent choice; and since Cryosurgery is more cost effective than traditional surgery, your wallet benefits as well.

So if your pet has any growths or warts you want the veterinarian to look at, or you just want them removed (so you don’t have to worry about monitoring them), ask us about Cryosurgery for your pet during his next visit.


My dog is a little hard to handle at the vet. Both the vet tech and the vet were awesome. They took her and got the wound cleaned up with no problems.
— Heather A.