Dental Health Is Vital to Overall Pet Health

pet dental care

Your pet’s bad breath is not something the two of you have to suffer through. Instead, it may be an indication that it’s time for a cleaning or your pet may have a dental concern that needs to be addressed.

It’s a common misconception that pets’ teeth are cleaned well enough by eating dry food or chewing on rawhide. Regular dental exams and periodontal treatments including professional cleanings are essential to your pet’s wellness care.

Dental issues are very common with dogs and cats, and they are also largely preventable and treatable. It is worth noting that 80% of dogs and cats 3 years of age and older have dental disease. Many of these issues would have been avoided had proper dental care been followed from day one.

Here’s a summary of what we can do to optimize your pet’s dental care:

We understand that brushing your pet’s teeth can be an intimidating task, so we’ll be happy to give you tips while you’re in the office. We will also send you home with detailed instructions about caring for your pet’s teeth, so you can continue to ensure your pet’s good dental health throughout the year. Contact us to schedule your pet’s teeth cleaning.


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Our dog Yankee actually enjoys going to the vet. The staff offers consistent great customer service. Dr. Hempel is always so gentle with Yankee, he always explains what he is doing through out the exam. Likewise for all veterinary assistants.
- Robert C