A Healthy Heart Is a Happy Heart

pet cardiology

Our team of skilled professionals offers services aimed at accurately diagnosing and offering sound management strategies for patients with congenital and acquired heart disease. We understand how upsetting it can be for both pets and pet parents dealing with heart health issues.

Our diagnostic capabilities include:

Our veterinarians have extensive experience managing and treating both congenital and acquired heart disease in dogs and cats.

Types of Heart Disease


This type of heart disease is genetic. Typically, heart structures, such as valves, are affected. Congenital heart disease can show up early in your pet’s life or not until he or she reaches adult years.


As the name suggests, this type of disease is acquired during your dog or cat’s lifetime. It can be caused by poor diet and insufficient exercise, but is sometimes the result of another illness or condition in your pet.

Our staff will continue to work with you and your pet, offering consultation, follow-up testing, and case management advice, as long as you like. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Its difficult to completely describe how incredibly loving, caring and professional, the staff at Mountain View Animal Hospital cares for every creature that they treat. We know this from over 14 years of extraordinary care for our furry loved ones.
- Marina And Jim B.