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Due to COVID-19 concerns, our lobby will be closed to the public. We expect that this will be temporary and hope to go back to our “hybrid” curbside protocol (where 1 client is allowed in the exam room during the exam) by mid-January. That determination will be made dependent upon how COVID is spreading at that time.

We ask that all clients call to check in when they arrive in the parking lot—clients will be asked to wait in their car or in the front patio area and the technicians will come out to get your pet from you. Once the exam has been performed, the Dr will either call or come out to the car to go over the exam and explore treatment options with you.

To lower the incidence of exposure, we can accept remote payment (See Remote Payment Options Below) from a client at home or in their vehicle or we can process credit/debit card payments with our mobile device from the parking lot. Documents that need to be signed will be brought out to you on a clipboard. Please have your own pen available if possible.


*Our staff members WILL NOT reach into any vehicle to retrieve a client’s pet. *Clients will need to remove the pet from the vehicle for our staff members. *Dogs will need to be on a leash and a staff member will also use a hospital leash for added security. *Cats that are not in carriers will not be seen. No staff member will carry a cat that is not confined in a secure cat carrier from a vehicle into the building–nor will they transfer an unsecured cat into a carrier for a client outside of a confined room INSIDE our building. If your cat is not in a carrier, you will be asked to re-schedule your appointment.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience these precautions will cause; we understand it may make for a more time consuming visit, but our goal is to take steps to protect our clients and staff during this difficult time.


We encourage all clients with CARE CREDIT to download the Care Credit App ( ) to their phones and set up the “PAY MY PROVIDER” application so they can easily pay from their vehicle or from home when needed. Clients who are on the REWARDS MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM already have the remote payment option through that app and can easily pay from home or their vehicle. We also have an online payment portal through Bank of America-if you wish to utilize that option let us know and we can email you your invoice via the link.


Please be aware that even though we are scaling back the number of pets we will see per day, the curbside protocol will cause wait times to be substantially longer. Please try to be patient with us during this very trying time.

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Saying Goodbye to Jean

Some of our regular clients will notice a familiar face is missing here at Mountainview–Jean has moved out of California this past week.
For almost 10 years, Jean was one of our extremely talented, compassionate RVTs providing excellent care to our patients and we are sad to see her leave us. She and her husband purchased their dream home with property on a lake–so rather than wallowing in woe, we will choose to be happy for her knowing the bliss she must be feeling in her gorgeous new place. We know our clients will miss her too, but feel they will bond with Katie, who recently achieved her RVT designation and is working hard to fill Jean’s shoes.
We wish Jean and her husband the best, and hope to see her now and again when she pops into CA for a visit.

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In order to spend time and celebrate with our families we will be closed the following Holidays (dates) for 2017:
Easter Sunday– April 16th
Memorial Day–May 29th
Independence Day– July 4th
Labor Day–September 4th
Thanksgiving–November 23rd
Christmas Eve–December 24th
Christmas Day– December 25th
New Year’s Eve–December 31st
New Year’s Day– January 1st 2018

Be assured that there will be staff on premises as usual for boarded or hospitalized patients, and they will be well taken care of even though we will not be open to the public.

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This animal hospital was a great find! I was referred here by a local animal control officer. Gave the place a try and now I’m staying put. Great staff, great doctor. Thank you so much!
— Kevin S.